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At the tender age of 5, little John Broussard would steal into the muddy swamps of southern Louisiana and catch crawfish. Heíd gather dozens in a net and bring them home to his mama, who would cook up a crawfish feast Ė spicy etouffee with fluffy white rice, yummy pistolettes he could pack in his lunch box, crawfish pies fit for a Cajun king. Those are fond memories for Ca-John, as his friends call him.

Ca-John may have left the swampland, but he didnít leave his love for crawfish and Cajun cooking. In 1989, Ca-John began a mudbug farm and catering business. Three years later, in conjunction with the famous Faunsdale Bar & Grill, he started the Alabama Crawfish Festival, held annually in May. His wild success led him to put the three together in 1995: he bought the Faunsdale Bar & Grill and has been serving itís patrons crawfish and other Cajun delicacies ever since.

Without a doubt, the Faunsdale Bar & Grill, located on Highway 80, between Meridian, Mississippi, and Selma, Alabama, is the best place in Alabama to get a taste of Ca-Johnís cooking. There, you can sit back, relax and let the good times roll. But itís not the only place you can get your fill of the best crawfish around. We realize you canít always get to Ca-John, so weíre bringing him to you Ė well, his crawfish anyway.

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