Top Consulting Careers In Demand Now

Starting a consulting career is perfect for people who want more control over their time and their work. Consulting is also ideal for those who’ve got the expertise in their field. But having the knowledge and the skills may not be enough; you also need to consider which fields are in demand or on the rise when first starting out as a consultant.  From kool deck consulting to management advisory to pool design consulting, there are plenty of options to pick from. Choosing the top fields to specialize in for your consulting career can be quite daunting. So, check out the following industries that have high demand for consultants right now and in the future to get an idea what will be best for you to explore.

Computer and Information Technology Consulting Career

With the dawn of the information age comes high demand for professionals and consultants specializing in computer software and information systems technology. Find a niche in this vast field such as cyber security, systems integration, software management, data analytics, and more. Computer and information systems are needed for almost all businesses and establishments nowadays and will continue to be essential in the coming decades, so a consulting career in this field will be quite easy to get into.

Kool Deck Consulting Career

Kool decking is a spray-on application that provides a tacky surface for walking. It’s meant to prevent people from slipping, so it’s ideal for surrounding a pool. As long as homes have swimming pools, kool decks will exist.   Kool decking is very common in the southern states, such as Arizona, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas, where the weather is warm for most of the year.  Kool deck consultants aid homeowners in choosing the right type of concrete surfaces for their pools. More information can be found by visiting this site.  Careers in kool decking offer tremendous flexibility but requires a lot of travel.

Pool Design Consulting Career

Pool design consulting is a unique career that requires an element of creativity.  Pool design consultants travel to the customer’s location to help visualize, design, and plan for a pool prior to beginning construction.  This career requires great attention to detail because the consultant must work with homeowners, business owners, and numerous other stakeholders to develop an idea that meets everyone’s needs. Pool design careers are time-consuming but among the highest paying on this list.

Management Consulting Career

When people talk about consulting careers, they usually refer to management consulting. And although it is not the only industry you can enter as a consultant, management consulting remains to be one of most obvious choices. As businesses grow bigger, they also rely more and more on consultants who has the expertise to come up with effective business solutions and strategies. Like in IT, there are several career tracks in management consulting that you can focus on: strategic management consulting, business operations consulting, financial advisory consulting, and the like. Management consulting is a lucrative career but not without tough competition. So, this field is for you if you are always up for a challenge.

Human Resources Consulting Career

The job market is getting more competitive – not just for the employees but for the employers as well. With this growing trend, corporations are seeking the advice of human resources consultants. Aside from headhunting or recruitment services, human resources consultants also work on the company’s training and development strategies, organizational improvements, employees’ productivity, conflict resolution, and even mass layoffs. HR consultants will always be sought after as good human resources management is important.

Environmental and Conservation Consulting Career

Waste management, energy sustainability, environmental laws and regulations – these are some of the things that all corporations are required to consider in their production and processes. The environmental and conservation consultant must be adept on the waste disposal practices, alternative energy sources and technology, and government laws pertaining to the environment. This consulting career track is steadily rising as the government and the public is getting stricter on the environmental impact that corporations make.

Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations Consulting Career

Improving the sales performance is on every business’ list of goals. And through marketing and PR, sales follow. This field usually entails is developing good salespeople, online marketing exposure, traditional media marketing, public relations management, and more.